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Tuesday, December 07, 2004

'A bus is a lot like a taxi. Only its cheaper, it always runs the route. And it goes round twice every hour. The problem is that it geos twice an hour. A taxi will go like tons of times. Depending on the distance.'-some poetry i wrote.

So I haven't posted in forever. I have been on it in a hella-long time. SO appart from using the word hella, nothings new. except I used the phrase (if you can call it that) "etc." a ton of a bunch! A hella-gorgeous amount! Yeah but Psychology/Anthropology/Sociology has got me down with the 10 newspaper articles. As well as World Religion. Its so much work. But in the end a good mark is handed out to me ... well so far good marks are handed out in it. Yea. And I am handing my resumes in at that News Cafe, and uh you know. WHats the name... oh yeah! Swiss Chalet. So I hope I get in the kitchen at the Swissy. But thats even if i get it. I am a lame-o. And at News Cafe I would work with Daniel. Hooray. Props to it y'all.

So at shcool there is some sort of Polish Donout Revolution. Its cool. Kinda. Stickers are cool. But not these they are kidna cheesy lame. Don't get me wrong I heart cheesy alot but this is like borderline cheesy and its cool. So I steered clear of it. You can't tell but I keep typing 'Chessy' because Cheesy and Chessy are alot alike.


So phsyics is all right I get my test back tomorow. It depend whether I bump my mark into the 80's or not or not. Not. I hope so.

Speaking of someone calling me 'emo'. Well I know everyone doesn't care but I have created this blog to type my thoughts and desires..etc. <-There I go again.

Ben called me emo. And then he called Hopesfall emo. Well there new stuff is kidna light. But i seriously suck at classifying rock bands. So I think the old Hopesfall is not emo. But it depends what emo is. When you put a lot of meaning and passion into hte music is what i think. Not some dink with long brown hair(that doens't brush hair, but does wash it), wears black rimmed glasses, semi-tight pants, the usual stereotype of an emokid. Its cool I am a dork but I like life. When did this become about life. I don't know. And whats wrong with emo. Emo guys get all the girls, eh Bobbie? Donnie? Jeremy? Yeah. 'Point taken and filed under duely noted.'
I have always wanted to say that.

'This is the reality you want me to live.'
'Ride as fast as you can. They're shooting to kill.'

Samuel Evan Rodgers says goodbye.

Sunday, November 21, 2004

I am selling these shirts. Medium sizes...brand new basically. I have worn them a couple of times.

Ten Dollars each.

The Epic Saga continues...

Well for those of you that have been staying tuned into the beard experience its going well. It looks really scruffy and weird right now but i got used to the hair. Hopefully these picutres will be of some help of the battle I go through. Uh well I can only get one picture up. But its a goodie.

Friday, November 19, 2004

The Quest For Samuel Evan Rodgers Growing His Beard.

Is it that hard to figure it out? Well I am trying to grow a beard. But heres the problem. I wanted to tkae picutres of each couple of days to show the progress. But I do not know how to put pictures on. Addeline does. She does. So Addy post how to do it. Post the HTML on your blog. Because I need to know. Well here goes the quest.

The whole Quest started when I decided to listen to some Bradley Hathaway for some poetry. And in "Manly Man." he sais "i don't shave my face, becuase i still can't grow faical hair, but when i can i won't because beards are tough." How true. I mean Beard. So I want to grow one. At first I was going to grow a mustache but I that lets pump the whole thing out. So on Sunday I didn't shave. I haven't yet. Although the temptation is strong I thing I can stop it and grow this. Lets hope so. Now for the details.

Day 1.

Listened to Bradley and decide the beard is for the me.
Didn't shave.

Day 2.

Didn't shave.
Touched face alot getting used to the stubble.

Day 3.

Didn't shave.
Still trying to get used to my stubble.

Day 4.

Didn't shave.
Showed off stubble.

Day 5.

Didn't shave.
Told everyone my plans of the beard.

Day 6 (Today).

I so didn't shave.
Wrote down my beard plans in blogger.

Day 7 (Future Tomorow).

Hopefully won't Shave.

Yeah so heres the thing I need to figure out how to post pictures.
Big Beard Samuel.

Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Fat Albert the movie is coming out to theatres. Woohoo.

"..*Eric plays back in black by ac/dc*..."-Eric

"Oh....'Sweet Home Alibama!'"-Steph

"Thats back in black!"-Me

"Ahahahaha!"-Me and Eric (and stepf prolly laughed too)

"Dude that guitar sounds like Tribal Warfare."-Me


And so our band is now called Tribal Warfare. We willmake fun of every genre possible.

This part is when I was singing the background voice for a ska song we are making fun of with Tribal Warfare. I was singing like "pick it up" the usual ska.

"Pick it up! Yeah uh huh!"-Me

"Pick it up."-Tom

"But don't pick it up for him."-Me

hahaha he said it so wimply and nerdly it was hilarious.

"Oh look, Anal Vacations."-Ben

"Mmmm for me Im into filthy first timers."-Jeremy.

That variety store...tut tut tut!

Well not to be outdone...well not really but I also have the same feelings as Stepf on this one.

You see I also had many many doubts about this relationship with Stepfanie Spencer. You see wait thats the second time I said that. Any who, I was very much worried about the distance. I hate to say it but on the days leading up to friday I was thinking I should maybe call it quits seeing as the distance...but when we were toogether, man oh man. I had a great time. It was amazing. I am saying the only reason we would have had some space ..or broken up is distance. I hope I am not making her out as bad person she is great and really pretty. So I just wanted to update and stuff. Da da dum. And the Daily Show Elections is on. Its funny. And Stepf is prettyxcore. Oh and I am debating whether or not I can go to the Fear Before The March of Flames....

Go greenbay.

Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Hmm new layout i think is fairly cheesy but nice. Unfortunately i deleted all my links somehow. That sucks but I will redo it all. Also I enabled comments as well the time is inaccurate it sais one tiem when its osmething else. Its 2 02 PM right now yo. Yo.

Well today I decided to stay at home on account of I felt a little sick. But mainly, I didn't want to and didn't finsh my psychology. Today is the day I will though. Also I am very hungry because I have had nothing to eat. I think I will make some Curry. I am into curry.

Monday, October 25, 2004

I said I would finish and I will.

"Yeah well I know Benjamin Franklin!"-Me.

"Thats impossible. He's dead."-Stepf.

"Yeah well I know his great great great great great great great great great great great great great gran...pappy!"-Me.

"Your so dumb. Thats probably like someone in England."-Stepf.

And it was. Just goes to show you never say you know someone thats anciently older than you!

So everyone has seen this Team America. Sure it looks funny but isn't Ashlee Simpson getting caught lip syncing funnia? Yes. Yes it is. I feel bad though. On a monday I am fading on a ...

Yes so I like xStepfx's journal. And I like her. Someone call me sometime...also someone create a myspace account and post comments about me...its lonely on this side. Oh and who was that girl who said hello tonight? Obviously you know...She had glasses. I am assuming it was Jenni. Possible?(French vershan yo). Oh and I am loving this sweet sweata from V & V. Bobbie does have a betta one...but common.. Quebec...I think that sums up our lives...Quebec. Lastly, anyone reading this who wants to take me to the .Moneen., The Junction, Rosesdead, and The Viking Club sho in Burlington October 30th? I will provide gas money. If not who wants to take la autobus with moi to burlington? Okay...Reply! Also -TBS and Atreyu?
-Arch Enemy and Bleeding Through?
These are shows I need to take myself...and takers of me reply, yo(love that). Also I think I have poetry of thine own.

a crime,
a crime against these lips.
what tails to tell?
i call heads.
but soon after the spun
falls the decision...
'What side of the field?'.

Bahahaha was that ever terrible ahahahaha man anywho...pfft football. Also Pfft on me copying Norma Jean/The Chariot-esque lyric style. Scandolous! Did I spell that right? Write? Might Fight a Big Trike-cackle. "Okay are you a crime? Crim? Crime-animal? Crime-anal?" Eww. That sounds too dirty. The animation is funny when he asks him if hes a criminal. I liked it.

Listen to...Same Shade As Concrete by Circle Takes The Square. It pregnates your ears with love adn ..well not love...but grindishcoreish stuff to sounds grindcore? it me?

Samuel can you handle this? No no listen to the Police...I am getting hooked on old stuff again. Lets kick it.

I doubt this blog'll stop. Man I should have done my psychology report...well I think I can sweet talk my teacher on account of my good looks. It's one thirty! In the morning. There will be a plethera of tiredness. Stolkes is a great physics teacha. Cop him while hes hot. Now. Hmm I am contemplating the tastiness of Bubble Tea if anyhting I will get that very hungry taste when you eat bubbles or soap. Okay well I am getting yelled at. Mr. Show is a funny show no matter what Stepfanie sais.

Morissey is a good song artist. As well as The Wallflowers, and Pearl Jam, and The Postal Service. Heres something I have been thinking about lately. I copyrghted this!

If our whole English system is based upon Shakespeare ( I am talking baout the course). Doesn't it make it okay for us to plagarize? Also even though he was an "amazing writer" we should reward him for his pedophiliality...He liked boys.
I mean its okay for us to plagarize becuase he copied so many! I am going to die in about 6 hours. Ill be so tired. But if I go to the movies with Jer, Addy and David Hogan and possible(French again yo) othas it will be nice..on account of...Hey I forgot my sweet story.

So its Saturday night. I go to Eric and Dans...we jam. Sounds good. Bobbie comes over...Davian comes over. We go bowling we goof off while bowling like we threw two bals at once and smashed this blocker thing and the guy bolted at us but he went for the ball. And we did it again. And I shot so far up like half way down the bowling hting and no one cared..I still sucked. So the we went to McDonalds and did the ol Waynes World Trick. Not say your whole order and sound like your cutting out. It was funny. He threw ketchup packets at us. Ho. So then we drove around for a while and went to another one where Carlos my ol' buddy was there. We chatted. Then I was perr pressured into asking this girl for her number only for free food. I got tha numba and free food. We was invited to tha party...then uninvited. Ouch. Those girls were lame anyways. So then stole the following things -straw dispencer
-a 'k' from "Bikini Contest"
-Davians girlfriends virginity (allready stolen) Oh burn.

And then me and Bobbie got two sweet new(acutally old hoodies!) ahhhhh! so cool.
Im slopply summing everything up!
-went to a park and peed.
-went on the jungle jim(gym) set
-drove around...
-made huge leaf pile and danced nad fought in it
-made a mess of Bobbies car

A side note. I like meat and most likely always will.

And finally.
1 46 Am
Samuel Evan Rodgers.xkillyoux

Thursday, October 21, 2004

Yo Ill be Alicia Keys, and you...Keshia Chanta.

So what up wid dat? Sorry I heard some guy say that. It was cool.

Tom-"..He said something about how him and addy should form a club devoted tothem because they know harleys dad."
he didn't say that but he said something along those lines
not ...he said something...but along those subject lines..if you really want more details...invent a time travelling machine and go to Guelph Ontario on October the 21st. at around 1 30pm and go into the cafe at John F Ross the high school there you will hear it.

"Wanna hear my growl?....*Me doing the greatest growl in the history of metal and hardcore*."-Samuel Evan Rodgers


Alls I can say is ouch. Ouch.
ill finish later.